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One of the most powerful tools CWSC will have to help the Community is a Volunteer Network of Consultants accessible through the Model Communities National Resource Directory (MCNRD).   The Directo…

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KNOW ME / no me

Waking up without knowing that sleep has taken over is a way for the subconscious self to rise and do whatever it needs to do and the conscious self has no power to stop the happenings.  How in the ” world ” does this all take place.  Oh my, I did say ” world “, didn’t I?  Well, this goes to show you, yes YOU, that there are worlds we have no idea of, existing.  Let’s keep focused on the now and work harder to accomplish what we consciously can, because the unconscious or subconscious is certainly going to do its part.  The Creator of heavens and earth and all in between has all power and knowledge of everything and even beyond that!!